Cookies and Privacy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny text files that are saved on your computer that store non-sensitive information, and help websites and web applications perform better. Cookies can be used in a wide range of scenarios, from enabling websites to see how people use their site and to identify where users may be having problems and where technical issues arise, through to enabling more sophisticated and relevant product suggestions.

Handpicked uses cookies for a variety of items in relation to the management of our site, these are listed below. If you require any further information on our cookie policy, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to oblige.


System Cookies

Our ecommerce site is powered by a well trusted and secure platform named Magento. Magento uses a number of cookies for its technical operations, such as when a user adds an item to their basket a cookie is required to ensure that this item remains associated to that user all the way through their journey on site. In addition Magento sets cookies for stock management, performance assessment and a variety of other site-critical functions.


Site Management Cookies

Handpicked uses Google Analytics, an enterprise level application that enables website owners to see how people use their site, identify bottlenecks and what it is their users are looking for. Mouseflow is another tool used that requires a cookie to be set that allows site managers to view how users perform actions on pages and assist us in making decisions about how to improve the site to help users find what they’re looking for.


Predictive Intent is a merchandising tool that we use that requires cookies. This product is used to see what users are searching for and the products and product categories they browse on site, this information is then used to discover and recommend similar products from our product catalogue that that specific user may also like.


Marketing Cookies

As part of our marketing operations we use suppliers and services that use cookies, these help us track how useful they have been in getting a user to the site. The partners we use are: Google AdWords, this uses cookies to tell us what users who click a paid advert from the Google search engine what they used the site for, and what they did there, the same is true for the Bing search engine.

Handpicked works with Linkshare for our affiliate program. Linkshare use cookies to track what traffic comes to Handpicked Collection from a publisher, where they came from and what they purchased; using this information to accredit a sale accurately and pay commission to the affiliate that sent the user to the website.

Criteo is a retargeting partner that we work with that uses cookies. For example if a user were to look at a product but not purchase it, then Criteo will use a cookie to remember that the user looked at that product and be able to advertise this, and similar products to the user at a later stage.


All the cookies that we use, or that our third-party suppliers use, have been vetted and assured to be operating within the legal framework that governs the use of cookies within the EU. We respect the privacy of our users and take the utmost care to not use any PII (personally identifiable information) within the way we see our website being used.