Ribbon Watch With Interchangeable Straps (Pink)


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Natasha Cubitt

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I know they're meant to be for kids but I love mine!

-- from Natasha Cubitt
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    Incredibly cute, beautifully packaged and fabulous with a party frock or pair of jeans. This stylish watch with 11 interchangeable self-tie ribbon straps will impress any self-assured young lady, and might just tempt mummy to steal it for a night out.

    Dimensions: 11cm(w) x 11cm(h) x 15.5cm(d). 1 year warranty. Stainless steel case. Fasten by tying ribbon.

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    A thoughtful and beautifully wrapped gift. Great value.
    (Posted on 30/09/2015)

    My grandaughter loved it.
    (Posted on 20/02/2015)

    Because it never arrived I have not had the chance to try it. needless to sy I am very disappointed.
    (Posted on 06/12/2014)

    The watch looks just as advertised
    (Posted on 04/12/2014)

    A really lovely product - a great gift.
    (Posted on 03/12/2014)

    (Posted on 02/12/2014)

    The delivery was prompt and I was informed exactly when the item would arrive.
    (Posted on 28/11/2014)

    Lovely, affordable gift, have bought before, always well received.
    (Posted on 23/11/2014)

    Out of stock originally Not clear that it had no strap/fastener OK
    (Posted on 13/11/2014)

    Bought one for my niece which my granddaughters admired so bought two more!
    (Posted on 10/05/2014)

    Bought this as a gift for a lovely 10 year old Princess - I'm sure she'll love it. It's so well made and so many different coloured straps for every little girls mood. A great fashion accessory. Well, done!
    (Posted on 15/02/2014)

    My daughter loved the watch.
    (Posted on 05/02/2014)

    Bought these as gifts an had them delivered direct to the girls and they absolutely loved them - they had arrived well in time and and also included a personal message from us which was a lovely idea.
    (Posted on 29/01/2014)

    Very good quality.
    (Posted on 02/01/2014)

    Good packaging
    (Posted on 12/11/2013)

    A great idea for my 15 yr old niece's birthday, she thinks it's awesome and i would wear it too.
    (Posted on 17/10/2013)

    Christmas gifts for grand-daughters. But they look great.
    (Posted on 17/09/2013)

    Delightful present for a girl
    (Posted on 17/09/2013)

    I am sure our grand daughter will enjoy this!
    (Posted on 04/08/2013)

    The child who received this product for her birthday was thrilled.
    (Posted on 28/05/2013)

    A perfect present for a ten year old's birthday,went down very well.
    (Posted on 26/04/2013)

    A bit cheap and nasty.
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)

    as haven't received it
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)

    I can see why its a popular choice, really nice gift.
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)

    Item sent back as it arrived too late and therefore was surplus to requirements - it looked nice though
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)

    Loved by 8 year old neice.
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)

    Really well priced and such a fun idea for girls of any age!
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)

    The quality is suspect as not working on day one. I am awaiting a replacement but suspect the quality of this item is generally poor.
    (Posted on 08/01/2013)

    Bought these as presents and am a little disappointed as they are for eleven year olds and I am not sure how they are going to fasten the ribbons. Also did not like the way the ribbons are wider than the space through which they thread. I had expected they would be ready to use - silly me probably
    (Posted on 28/11/2012)

    (Posted on 28/11/2012)

    looks good and my niece will love it
    (Posted on 27/11/2012)

    Looks good
    (Posted on 26/11/2012)

    Pretty and lovely quality
    (Posted on 25/11/2012)

    great gift excellent quality
    (Posted on 21/11/2012)

    Loved it very colourful its for my 10yrs for Christmas
    (Posted on 21/11/2012)

    Haven't tried it out but looks fine
    (Posted on 20/11/2012)

    attractive and novel item
    (Posted on 17/11/2012)

    Very good
    (Posted on 17/11/2012)

    (Posted on 16/11/2012)

    This is a real fun gift very pleased
    (Posted on 16/11/2012)

    Great for my teen age grand children
    (Posted on 14/11/2012)

    It is a gift, but the presentation and quality look lovely. Thank you.
    (Posted on 13/11/2012)

    Nice packaging, lovely colourful interchangeable straps. Have bought this as a birthday present for my daughter's friend.
    (Posted on 21/09/2011)

    Good value pretty gift for a little girl. Nice gift box!
    (Posted on 28/07/2011)

    It is a present.
    (Posted on 21/07/2011)

    havent used it yet
    (Posted on 13/07/2011)

    I bought this for twin 11year old nieces .......a big hit straight to 'cool aunt' status!
    (Posted on 18/04/2011)

    This is the fourth ribbon watch I have bought. Such an excellent preent for 'girls' of all ages. Great way to add an eccent to your outfit and fund too.
    (Posted on 12/04/2011)

    Love it!
    (Posted on 04/04/2011)

    Top notch gift for 9-14 year olds
    (Posted on 28/02/2011)

    Lovely item, great value for money
    (Posted on 23/02/2011)

    my niece loved it
    (Posted on 23/02/2011)

    12 year old recipient very pleased with this gift
    (Posted on 22/02/2011)

    Its a present for a friends daughter but it's not her Birthday yet! It looks fab though.
    (Posted on 21/02/2011)

    Slightly difficult to fasten and to keep fastened.
    (Posted on 16/02/2011)

    These are an excellent gift, when you just doint know what to buy someone. I have bought several as a result of being given a ribbon watch myself and everyone loves them. They are fun and add instant glamour to an outfit.
    (Posted on 15/02/2011)

    Gave young niece lots of fun
    (Posted on 13/02/2011)

    No instructions as to how to tie the ribbons without them looking bulky
    (Posted on 12/02/2011)

    straps have no clasp tie up is not practical
    (Posted on 12/02/2011)

    Great for a gift.
    (Posted on 11/02/2011)

    The ribbons did not hold the watch in place.
    (Posted on 10/02/2011)

    Lovely presentation and item. Ribbons comically long for wearing as watch straps however, particularly for child!!
    (Posted on 06/01/2011)

    Really pleased with this. It`s for my grandaughter who changes her colour scheme on an hourly basis.
    (Posted on 07/12/2010)

    This is going in store for a birthday next summer.
    (Posted on 08/11/2010)

    (Posted on 30/09/2010)

    Bought watch as a little extra birthday present for my daughter (aged 10) She is absolutely thrilled with it. It is such a good idea and also inexpensive. May well order more as gifts for my children's friends.
    (Posted on 23/08/2010)

    I'm sure my neices will love them - but it might be a bit tricky to tie (one handedly) securely without assistance!
    (Posted on 23/05/2010)

    The present arrived promptly and was much appreciated by the recipient.
    (Posted on 26/04/2010)

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